About Us

Rikilon Engineering Pvt ltd, a Company was established in the year 2002 with technological competence in the field of Electrical Contracting and Consulting. Tireless efforts, the strong technical. know-how and immense work commitment are the cornerstones lie behind the success of the organization.

Backed by highly technical. and qualified staff, the company provides end to end solutions in full range of electrical installations as well as project designing and implementation. Rikilon Engineering Pvt ltd also provides its years of expertise through consulting and a wide variety of engineering products keeping in mind specific Customer requirements.

We believe that success does not come overnight; it is the result of perseverance, quality work, and above all building strong team of dedicated and skilled workmen. At Rikilon Engineering Pvt ltd, every team member has proven among the top for its highly engineered solutions and skilful handling of projects and maintenance works in the ever changing and ever demanding scenarios of modern electrical installations.

Our work experience encompasses Consulting, Designing, Procurement and Services. We at Rikilon Engineering Pvt ltd believe that Excellent Customer Service, Superior Work Quality and Dependable Performance are the key factors to our long term success.

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